How to protect your software and data?

What will happen if the computer crashes?

This is the question all the decision makers ask before finalising the purchase of the software.

If we can not get the data back from the computer after a crash, it may lead to many difficult situations. So we should try to protect the data all time.

Please follow the four golden rules of data security to avoid the difficult situations.

Good UPS is a must

UPS is Uninterrupted Power Supply. This is what keeps your server alive during power cuts. Good UPS for the server protection is a must. It will protect your server from shutting down abruptly. Because of the UPS the hard disk is protected. This in turn saves the software and data.

If you do not have a proper UPS the server will shutdown immediately when the power goes off. If that happens multiple times the hard disk will be corrupted. If hard disk is corrupted we can not retrieve the data.

A good UPS may cost you a few thousand rupees. But it is not an expense, it is the investment that protects your software and data.

Anti Virus Software

If you want to keep the server away from virus infection antivirus software is a must. You should keep the antivirus software up to date also. It will save the server and data. Purchasing antivirus software is an investment not an expense.

Further you should not allow other persons to use the server. Using the pen drives of other persons in the server will definitely damage the server. So do not encourage this practice.

The server should be under the control of the system administrator and he / she alone should operate the server with caution.

Do not install unnecessary software

If you want to protect your server and data please do not install unnecessary software on the server. If you install and uninstall some software they may damage the common files used by ROVAN IMS / ROVAN LMS.

In some cases it is difficult to find out which software caused the damage. So it is always advisable to install or uninstall a software only with the help of the system administrator. He will be in a position to guide you properly.

Backup can save you

Backup is a process that takes the data from the server and keep it in a CD / DVD / Pen Drive / External Hard Disk. You should take the backup every day and if you have put large data into the system in a day you can take multiple backups for that day.

If the computer crashes unfortunately we can bring the system back to life by putting the data from the backup file. But the data you have entered into the system from the time of backup to the time of the crash might be lost.

Any how some thing is better than nothing.

Backup can save you months of or years of hard work from getting wasted.

So you should have a proper plan to take the backup in your institution and make sure that it is implemented effectively.

Without Backup even God can not help you.