Why you should choose ROVAN IMS College ERP Software?

Choosing the College ERP Software is an important decision that needs to be taken with care.

Once you choose the software you have to live with it for a long time. So you should give adequate care to select the right software.

ROVAN IMS is one of the best College ERP Software solutions available in the market. It comes with high quality features and good after sales support. With more than 18 years of experience the team is fully equipped to cater to the needs of your institution.

Let us see some of the reasons why you should choose ROVAN IMS.

Intranet / Internet Application

There are two types in installation of ROVAN IMS. First method is Intranet Method in which the software will be installed in the server located within the college campus. The software will work in all the computers networked with the server. The software will not work in the computers outside the college campus.

In Internet Method the software will be installed in a Cloud Server. The software will be available in all computers connected to internet. Students and Staff can access the software from anywhere in the world.

According to your level of comfort you can choose any one of the methods. You have the freedom to change from one to the other at any point of time.

Integrates most of the activities

ROVAN IMS has 15 modules to collect the data. All the data is stored in the server and shared with the staff and students according to their privileges. To know more about the modules please visit the page – ROVAN IMS Overview and List of Modules

QR code, Bar code, E-mail and SMS facilities can be integrated with the software to offer better service to the students, parents, staff and the management team.

Student Data in Single Screen

All the data of a particular student is shown in a single screen. His / her personal information, address, previous education, fees details, attendance, examination performance, library books, hostel, transport records and family photo can be seen from the screen.

Using this facility the teacher can have a comprehensive view about the student. So counselling the student can be done with facts in hand. This will result in better interaction with students and parents.

Login for Staff / Students / Parents

All teachers can be given a login using which he / she can mark the attendance and examination performance of the students. Further the teachers can view the details of the students of his / her class.

All the students can be given a username and password using which he / she can login into the portal and view his / her details. Personal, academic, hostel and transport records pertaining to the particular student alone will be shown. This will help him / her to plan and improve the performance.

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

ROVAN IMS is easy to learn and use. You can find the menu and screens for a particular activity easily. The names will be self-explanatory. You can learn the software with little training.

We offer good support to the users. The users can call our office to get the support. Our experienced and dedicated support team ensures that the software is up and running always.

By choosing ROVAN IMS, you can achieve Better Control in the college and offer Better Service to the students, parents and staff.