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ROVAN IMS – College ERP Software

ROVAN IMS - School / College ERP Software

ROVAN IMS helps you to use the resources better and serve the students better.

More than 100 institutions are using ROVAN IMS. Know more

ROVAN EMS – Examination Management System

ROVAN Examination Management System Software

ROVAN EMS helps to manage The Office of the Controller of Examinations in Autonomous Colleges.

18 institutions affiliated to 6 different universities are using ROVAN EMS. Know more

ROVAN LMS – Library Management System


ROVAN LMS helps to manage the library in college, school and other institutions.

More than 60 institutions are using ROVAN LMS. Know more

ROVAN MART – B2B Marketplace

ROVAN MART - B2B Marketplace in India

ROVAN MART is a leading B2B Marketplace in India. It connects buyers and suppliers.