College ERP Software

ROVAN IMS is the College ERP Software that helps to manage your institution. It helps you to use the resources better and serve the students better. Therefore you can achieve efficient and stress free administration.

More than 100 institutions are using ROVAN IMS.

ROVAN IMS can be deployed as a Cloud Based Software or On-Premises Software. It is easy to learn and easy to use. Further it can be customised according to your requirements.


Integrates all the activities in the institution

Prints all the certificates

Shows the pending fees instantly

Shows attendance percentage real time

Prepares detailed exam result analysis

Makes the resources in the library easily accessible

Controls student activities in the hostel

Finds bus wise / route wise profitability

Helps in better human resources management

Manages assets, stores, canteen and mess better

Integrates fees with accounts

RFID / SMS / Barcode / E-mail Integration

Login facility for each staff member

Login facility for each student


ROVAN IMS – College ERP Software contains 15 modules shown below and all modules are integrated. As a result you can serve the students and staff very effectively. 

It is available in modules to purchase. Choose the modules you want and pay only for them.

To know about the functions in each module, please click on the name of the module.
















Better Control Better Service

The Principal / Staff can view complete information about a student in a single screen. Most importantly it will show the personal details, fees particulars, attendance details, mark details, library activities, hostel activities and transport details.

Because of that the Principal / Staff are empowered to face the parents with accurate data. Subsequently they can have a worthy discussion about the future of the student.

Like wise the same data can be shared with the students / parents through Student Login Module. Consequently this ensures a healthy flow of information.

ROVAN IMS will be the foundation for your institution because it helps you to take intelligent decisions. Consequently you can grow steadily satisfying all the stakeholders.